Activities & Games

All About Me Poster Pt. 2
Kindergarten-5th Grade

Allotted Time

30 minutes

Target Behavior

Show an awareness of personal strengths

Words to Live By

I love and accept who I am on the inside and know my emotions are nothing to hide.
Love and accept who you are

Children who love and accept who they are can:

IDENTIFY things they like to do

DESCRIBE situations which they need help

DEMONSTRATE a special skill or talent

IDENTIFY something they would like to do better


Continue working on students’ All About Me posters. Create a paper plate 3D flower to add to the poster. Petals of Personality is a way for students to display all the things they love about themselves such as their strengths and personality traits.


  • Each student’s All About Me Poster
  • Small paper plates
  • Different colored construction paper
  • Stapler
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Glue sticks

How to Play

  1. Pass out each student’s All About Me poster and have them begin to peel the tape away from the paper. This should reveal their name in white with the rest of the All About Me poster all decorated in their paint design.
  2. Each student creates their own 3D flower. Remind the group that just like everyone in our group is unique, everyone’s flower is unique as well.  This is another item they put on their All About Me poster that shows others all about their personality traits and what they love about themselves.
  3. Give each student one small paper plate (center of flower), one sheet of green construction paper (stem and leaves) and then any other color construction paper cut into long strips they would like for their petals (8-12 strips total). See final picture below in additional notes for a visual.
  4. Discuss with the group about how everyone is unique and has different personality traits. Have each student think about the different things they love about themselves and write/draw a strength or trait they have on half of each of the strips of paper for the petals.
  5. After each student finishes their petals, the next step is to get the stem and leaves ready and decorate the center.  Each student can color on their paper plate with markers to decorate the center of their plate and cut out a stem and leaves using the green construction paper.
  6. Help take their strips of paper and loop them around to staple to the outer edge of the plate to complete the flower.
  7. Allow time for students to glue the plate down to the All About Me poster and add the stem and leaves. This should be on the All About Me poster under their name and leaving space for two other activities.
  8. Give each student time to come to the front and show off their flower. Each student should share one or two of their petals with the group. (Utilize reflection questions as students are sharing their flowers)

Activity Prompts for Reflection

  • Does anyone else have the same strength that was just shared?
  • When does this personality trait help you – at home, in school, or with friends?
  • What is a strength someone else has shared that you would like them to teach you?
  • Did anyone hear a unique strength or personality trait today?

Other Ways to Play

  • Already have petals, stems, and leaves of the flower cut out.
  • Have a poster or whiteboard at the front where you can help students with difficult words they are trying to spell or write the words for them on the petal and let them draw or decorate it.
  • Pair students together to work on flowers with someone they are close with. Their partner can help them brainstorm their strengths and what personality traits they have.
  • Challenge students to make a pattern with their petals and staple them according to the pattern they layout.

Additional Notes


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