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All About Me Poster Pt. 4
Kindergarten-5th Grade

Allotted Time

30 minutes

Target Behavior

Show an awareness of personal strengths

Words to Live By

I love and accept who I am on the inside and know my emotions are nothing to hide.
Love and accept who you are

Children who love and accept who they are can:

IDENTIFY things they like to do

DESCRIBE situations which they need help

DEMONSTRATE a special skill or talent

IDENTIFY something they would like to do better


Help students continue to work on their All About Me Posters. Students will add their family and friends to their All About Me poster by creating a bird’s nest and adding people’s names to the eggs in the nest.


  • Each student’s All About Me poster
  • Card stock paper (white and different colors)
  • Black markers
  • Crayons

How to Play

  1. Prep work: Cut out several eggs from white paper for students to write people’s names on. Make an example bird’s nest for students to refer to if time allows. Have various sized half circles and small triangles cut out from different colored paper for students to choose which ones they want to use for their bird.
  2. Tell the group to think about the important family members or friends in their lives.
  3. Tell the students that each of those people that they thought of is probably very important. They might be important in different ways, but what matters is that they’re a part of their lives.
  4. Pass out the white eggs and markers and have students write one name of a family member or friend on each egg. May need to help spell names or write it for them.
  5. Show the group an example of a completed bird’s nest or a picture. (Can make an example beforehand or show the picture below in additional notes.)
  6. Pass out one sheet of colored paper to each student and some crayons. Have them draw an oval for their nest in the middle of the sheet and then circle around and inside the oval several times with all different colors to make it look like a nest.
  7. Allow each student to pick one larger half circle for the bird’s body, one smaller half circle for the wing and two triangles, one for the beak and one for the tail. Have them glue the pieces to their nest to form a bird.
  8. Then have students glue their eggs in the nest as well to include all their important people.
  9. Once everything is glued, use a marker to add smaller details to their bird or nest such as an eye, or lines on the wings or beak.
  10. When complete, have students glue their paper to the All About Me poster in the remaining space.
  11. If time allows, have each student stand and share about the important people in their lives and why they are so special to them.

Activity Prompts for Reflection

  • Who can share something positive that one person in their nest has done for them?
  • Who is one person that you look up to in your nest and why?
  • What makes your nest different than other nests in the group?
  • What is one thing you have in common with someone in your nest?

Other Ways to Play

  • To practice counting and writing numbers, encourage students to count the number of people in their family, hand them that number of eggs, and then have them write the number on the back of each egg with a pencil before they turn the egg over and write person’s name.
  • Make a baggie with all the supplies each student would need to make their bird and have students draw nest, write on eggs, and glue.
  • If short on time, don’t worry about making a bird and just have students make a nest and fill it with decorated eggs to represent important people.
  • Challenge students to draw a word bubble for one or two of their family members/friends they have in their nest. In the word bubble, they should write down their favorite memory with that person or something that person usually says.
  • Allow students to cut out their own half circles and triangles to make their birds.

Additional Notes


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