Activities & Games

Kindergarten-5th Grade

Allotted Time

30 minutes

Target Behavior

Get along with different types of people

Words to Live By

I understand others are unique. I want to learn more about everyone I meet. I want to step into their shoes and see what they are going through.
Social Awareness
Others are unique and it's important to learn more about them

Children who understand others are unique can:

RECOGNIZE how diversity enriches a community

DEMONSTRATE strategies for building relationships with others who are different from them

RECOGNIZE the existence of various groups based on social and cultural variables

DESCRIBE the basic rights of all individuals regardless of their social or cultural affiliations


Students make a unique snowflake and then compete in a balancing race.


  • White paper
  • Scissors
  • Cones

How to Play

  1. Pass out paper and scissors to each student.
  2. Show students how to make a unique snowflake by folding their paper in half several times and cutting out different shapes along the outside.
  3. Have students show their unique snowflakes to each other when finished.
  4. Divide students into two teams and have each team line up one behind another.
  5. Use a cone to mark the start and another to mark when students should turn around, several feet away from each other.
  6. On ‘Go’ the first student in each line puts their snowflake on their head and tries to balance it while walking around the end cone and back.
  7. The student tags the next person in line and they put their snowflake on their head and balance it to end cone and back to the start.
  8. If a student drops their snowflake they must pick it up and start again at the starting point.
  9. This continues until one team has all students complete the race.
  10. Several rounds can be played if time permits.

Activity Prompts for Reflection

  • Does anyone have an idea for a different way to do this activity?
  • What was unique about your individual snowflake?
  • What were some different ideas your group had about how to stay balanced?
  • What is one thing that makes you unique?

Other Ways to Play

  • Have younger students draw a snowflake instead of cutting one out.
  • Challenge students to try to balance more than one snowflake at a time.

Additional Notes

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