I soar with wings. Let me tell you why.
I learn lots of skills that help me reach the sky.

Professional Development

With Wings for Kids

You know teaching kids life skills is important. You also know that developing social emotional skills is a life-long process. Wings for Kids offers a professional learning library of short, easy-to-use, and engaging e-learning courses to inspire and provide practical information about enhancing skills as an adult and modeling those skills for children. 

Adult Skills

The Let Your Wings Out series covers social emotional skills through the lens of Words to Live By giving you insights into how to grow your own skills in turn helping you model the skills for children.

Each 10-20 minutes course covers a specific skill with loads of examples and interactivity to help learn and apply the skill.


A series of four 15-minute modules on the basics of the Wings for Kids approach to SEL. You’ll learn:

  • How to establish a common language and how it helps create an environment where SEL can thrive.
  • How to create a supportive environment that fosters social connections and provides engaging opportunities to learn and play.
  • What it takes to build SEL skills in children – what we call focused skill building.
  • Three important SEL teaching practices that include modeling, teachable moments, and behavior management.

Behavior Management

A catalog of modules that include positive strategies to minimize the potential for behavior issues and corrective techniques that help you modify student behavior when proactive techniques are not enough. Using these positive behavior management techniques and the corrective techniques as needed will help you build a supportive, empowering, and respectful environment AND will help your students build their social emotional skills at the same time.

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What others have to say about our training

“I was able to take a look through and experience a lot of your online training with your LMS system. It is SO well done. I was very impressed. The way you all designed it is user friendly and very engaging. Sincerely, I was so excited going through it. It is so apparent you all just live, breathe SEL even right down to your training modules. I just can’t thank you all enough for your efforts in creating these resources. They are so well done!”

Shelby Rush

Tioga County AS Program Coordinator

Looking for a tailored approach to your SEL implementation and goals? We can help.

Professional Development

Interactive and engaging professional development sessions—available remotely or in-person—use best practices and our research-based approach to social emotional learning, behavior management, and cultural responsiveness.


Workshops cover instructional techniques to boost adult and youth SEL and provide practical and easy-to-use tools applicable to any environment. These sessions are beneficial for educators and staff who work with youth of all ages.


Working closely with districts, schools, nonprofits, and community based organizations, we create comprehensive initiatives through a proven instructional model, social emotional learning platform, and powerful professional development.

“I would like to personally thank you for the presentation at the Association of Professional Humane Educators virtual series. It was well organized, professional, and filled with useful information to assist our national and international humane educators in applying SEL to their programs. Taking the time to share your knowledge is truly what APHE is all about and that is how we move forward to create a kinder, more compassionate, and equitable world!”

Association of Professional Humane Educators

“Over years in education, this was the most engaging, informative professional development I’ve ever been a part of and I don’t just mean social emotional learning PD, I mean all PD! So many tips that we can take and incorporate into our school and I’m so excited to get started.”

Principal, Elementary School in New Mexico