Activities & Games

Goal Getters
Kindergarten-5th Grade

Allotted Time

15 minutes

Target Behavior

Show an awareness of personal strengths

Words to Live By

I love and accept who I am on the inside and know my emotions are nothing to hide.
Love and accept who you are

Children who love and accept who they are can:

IDENTIFY things they like to do

DESCRIBE situations which they need help

DEMONSTRATE a special skill or talent

IDENTIFY something they would like to do better


Students practice soccer skills in this competitive activity.


  • Soccer balls
  • Hula hoops (enough for each child to have 1)
  • Cones

How to Play

  1. Prep work: Set up cones along the perimeter of the playing field, and put lots of soccer balls in the middle of the space.
  2. Each student grabs a hula hoop and puts it at the edge of the space, remembering which hula hoop is theirs.
  3. On ‘Go’ students work to fill their hula hoop up with as many soccer balls as possible in 10 minutes.
  4. Students can only use their feet to take the balls to their hoop, and can only move with one ball at a time.
  5. Students can also grab balls from other player’s hula hoops.
  6. At the end of 4 minutes students must freeze.
  7. The student with the most soccer balls in their hoop is the winner.
  8. Multiple rounds can be played by putting the soccer balls back in the center each time.

Activity Prompts for Reflection

  • What is a strength you have that you used during this activity?
  • What is a weakness of yours that made this activity difficult for you?
  • What is a strength of yours that you use in sports?
  • What could you work on to do better in this activity if we played it again?

Other Ways to Play

  • Have students put their book bag or some type of marker to help them remember which hula hoop is theirs.
  • Instead of a timer, play a song and at the end of the song, students must freeze and count their soccer balls.
  • Set a certain goal number of soccer balls, and the first student who has that many in their hula hoop is the winner.

Additional Notes

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