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Soar with Wings: Social Emotional Skills for School & Life provides standards-aligned digital resources that incorporate academics and fun while building key social and emotional skills for students in grades K–5. Within Soar with Wings, you’ll find digital educator guides and accompanying presentation slides to make carrying out the lessons with your students easy and fun! Soar with Wings also strengthens the skillset of educators, parents, youth leaders and caregivers so they can equip students with the resources and support they need to fly high! 

Want to learn more about using the Wings for Kids approach to SEL in your school or program? Hear from SEL experts, WINGS team members, and teachers who share insights and tips to help you weave social and emotional skills throughout your class or program time—supporting your students’ emotional growth and boosting their academic achievement.

How to Praise a Child


Video Length 6:17

Mallory Dorsey, the Community and Partner Project Specialist for Wings for Kids, explores three techniques that Wings Leaders—and educators across the country—can use to integrate praise and positive communication into their programs and classrooms.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Social Emotional Learning


Video Length 4:06

Ashley Tucker, is a special educator and school leader in Brooklyn, New York. In this video, Ashley shares how she believes that diversity, equity, inclusion, and social emotional learning are directly linked and explains how to make these connections in your classroom on a daily basis.

Tips for Using Soar with Wings Content in the Classroom


Video Length 4:36

Peter Panico, a fifth-grade teacher in Charlotte, NC explains how he approaches social emotional learning in his classroom and guides fellow educators to consider how to incorporate SEL—with support from Soar with Wings resources— into their own classroom culture.

Managing Behavior with SEL


Video Length 9:33

As an educator, you know the importance of being proactive in order to prevent problem behaviors before they begin. You also know that planning ahead won’t solve all behavioral problems. In this professional learning video, explore G-E-T P-A-S-T, an acronym designed to help you implement corrective behavioral techniques fairly, empathetically, and effectively.

Teaching SEL Intentionally


Video Length 5:32

This video will help educators, parents, youth leaders or caregivers explore a few everyday skills that can help support children’s social and emotional development.

SEL & Mental Health


Video Length 5:35

Heather Williams, LPC, NCC, is the owner of Harmony Counseling, Coaching, and Consulting in Atlanta, Georgia. In this video, Heather speaks to the mental well-being of kids today – post-pandemic – and how social emotional learning can be your students’ superpower.


Featured Resources

From a Virtual Field Trip that equips students with key SEL skills to professional learning content to prepare you to lead meaningful and impactful student activities, our collection of resources aims to launch both educators and students to new heights.

Soar with Wings Virtual Field Trip


Video Length 24:00

Through the eyes of their peers, we introduce students to the five social emotional learning skills. Meet real-life students who show us Words to Live By. Follow them throughout their day as they explain and model how the words help them better understand themselves, control their actions, strengthen their relationships, and use their wings to soar!

Social Emotional Skills for School and Life


Video Length 12:40

Designed for anyone interested in bringing social and emotional skills from the Wings for Kids program into their own learning environment. This video can be used in tandem with the Virtual Field Trip and covers the five core SEL skills and gives viewers ideas about how they can incorporate these skills in their class or program.

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