Activities & Games

Let’s Create Together
3rd-5th Grade

Allotted Time

20 minutes

Target Behavior

Compliment or congratulate someone
Colorful markers in a row

Words to Live By

I am a friend. I support and trust. Working together is a must. Kind and caring I will be. I listen to you. You listen to me.
Relationship Skills
Be a friend who supports and trusts others

Children who support and trust others can:

PRACTICE sharing encouraging comments with others

DEMONSTRATE encouragement of others and recognition of their contributions

RECOGNIZE when it’s appropriate to give a compliment

DEMONSTRATE expressing appreciation to someone who has helped them


Students create art work while working together in a challenging way


  • Paper
  • Washable markers
  • String

How to Play

  1. Prep work: Tie four strings, about 12 inches long each, to each marker.
  2. Put students in groups of four, sitting in circles.
  3. Give each group one of the markers with strings and put the paper in the middle of their circle.
  4. Allow teams time to discuss what they want to draw on their paper.
  5. Each student holds onto one of the strings.
  6. Students work together and communicate frequently in order to use their strings to control the marker and draw on the paper.
  7. Remind students to use encouraging words and positive praise to their teammates through out this challenge.
  8. Once time is up or when teams are finished, allow time for teams to show off their completed artwork.

Activity Prompts for Reflection

  • What kind words did you use during this activity?
  • What kind words did you hear your teammates use during this activity?
  • Would anyone like to give a compliment to someone else?
  • Would anyone like to congratulate another team on how they worked together?

Other Ways to Play

  • Have students work together to write out some of their vocabulary words.
  • Give more direction for what to draw. For example: something your team likes, the first letter of every team member’s name, an animal, etc.
  • To avoid marks off of the paper, put a poster board or table cloth down underneath each team’s paper.

Additional Notes

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