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Roll and Doodle
Kindergarten-5th Grade

Allotted Time

10-15 minutes

Target Behavior

Stay calm when faced with a challenge
Three girls color and doodle with markers

Words to Live By

Life's full of surprises that make me feel different ways. If I can control myself, I'll have much better days.
Understand that life is full of surprises and different feelings

Children who understand that life is full of surprises and different feelings can:

IDENTIFY factors that cause stress

DESCRIBE how various situations make them feel

RECOGNIZE mood changes and factors that contribute to them

REFLECT on the possible consequences before expressing an emotion


Students work together to create a drawing based on what they roll on a die.


  • 1 Die per group
  • Printed drawing sheet for each group (See Additional Notes below)
  • Writing utensils (crayon, marker, pencil, etc.)

How to Play

  1. Prep work: Print off enough drawing sheets for each team, or display it on smartboard where all groups can see.
  2. Put students into small groups and give each group one drawing sheet, a writing utensil and a die.
  3. One at a time, students roll die and, based on the number they roll, they draw the corresponding doodle.
  4. The next student rolls, and draws the corresponding doodle while making sure it connects to another part of the doodle drawing.
  5. This continues until all students have a chance to roll and doodle or time runs out.
  6. At the end, have each group title their completed doodle and come to the front to share what their group drew.

Activity Prompts for Reflection

  • What emotions did you feel during this activity?
  • What was a surprise that happened during this activity?
  • How were you expecting the doodle to turn out?  Were you right?
  • What’s a surprise that happened to you this week?

Other Ways to Play

  • Provide students with a variety of colors of writing utensils.
  • Provide each group a pair of dice and have them add two doodles each turn.
  • Have each student work independently by giving each student their own drawing sheet, die, and writing utensil.

Additional Notes

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