Activities & Games

Story Creator
Kindergarten-5th Grade

Allotted Time

30 minutes

Target Behavior

Respond to another person's feelings

Words to Live By

I understand others are unique. I want to learn more about everyone I meet. I want to step into their shoes and see what they are going through.
Social Awareness
Step into the shoes of others to see how they feel

Children who step into the shoes of others can:

ANALYZE how students being left out might feel

DEMONSTRATE an ability to  listen to others

LABEL others’ feelings based on verbal and non-verbal cues in different situations

DESCRIBE how different people interpret the same situation


Students learn to step into the shoes of others in this fun story-creating activity.


  • Magazines/ Newspapers
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Glue/ tape
  • Pencils

How to Play

  1. Pass out magazines, scissors, tape/glue, pencils, and paper to students.
  2. Give students 5 minutes to look through the magazines cutting out various people with different expressions on their faces.
  3. Once time is up, students use the glue and paper to glue their cut-out people to different sheets of paper.
  4. Students come up with a story about how they think the various cut-out people are feeling and write it underneath their magazine cut-outs on each sheet of paper.
  5. Allow time at the end for students to share the stories they created.

Activity Prompts for Reflection

  • How did you decide what your magazine cut out would be doing in the story?
  • What would you do if you were in a situation like your story?
  • How did you know how the people that you cut out were feeling?
  • How does it make you feel when someone steps in your shoes?

Other Ways to Play

  • Have students work in groups to cut and brainstorm story ideas.
  • Allow younger students to draw the scenario that their cut-out people would be in.
  • Use poster board instead of paper so that it is one big visual of the story they create.
  • Have students draw scenarios their people would be in, instead of cutting pictures from magazines.

Additional Notes


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