Group photo of kids and Chef
A Delicious Adventure: Wings for Kids Visits da Toscano Porchetta Shop in Charleston, SC

Recently, WINGS students took an exciting field trip into the heart of Charleston to sandwich heaven da Toscano Porchetta Shop. What awaited them was a mouth-watering experience and a unique, behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of gastronomy, courtesy of Restaurateur and Wings for Kids Board Member, Michael Toscano.

From the moment they stepped through the doors of Porchetta Shop, the children were greeted with warmth and hospitality. Chef Michael, a seasoned restaurateur with a passion for sharing his craft, wasted no time immersing the kids in the atmosphere of the sandwich shop.

Kids entering the restaurant
Kids are greeted by Chef Michael
Chef Michael makes pizza

No visit to Porchetta Shop would be complete without indulging in authentic Italian offerings.  But before sampling a special menu, WINGS kids were treated to a few lessons from the chef. With great passion, Michael shared personal stories of his love for great ingredients and invaluable insights into the hard work and commitment required to succeed in the restaurant industry. From attending culinary school and honing one’s skills as a chef, to mastering the art of becoming a business owner, his words resonated deeply with the young visitors, inspiring them to dream big and chase their passions.

“When you have your own business, whether on your own or with a team, when you succeed, those decisions you made…that’s your success. You’ll have that forever. Nobody can take that from you. When you have your own business, it’s very special.”

– Michael Toscano

GIrls share a snack
Young boy shows his approval with thumbs up

WINGS kids sampled focaccia crust pizza, prime rib, and even had an ice cream treat for dessert.

As the visit drew to a close and the children bid farewell to the chef and his friendly staff, hearts were full of gratitude and minds were buzzing with newfound knowledge. For many WINGS kids, this field trip was not just a chance to try new types of food, it’s also an introduction to new possibilities and opportunities. 

In the end, these experiences remind us of the transformative power of food and community, when shared. Through his generosity and kindness, Chef Michael treated the children of Wings for Kids to a memorable day and planted the seeds of inspiration that may one day blossom into remarkable achievements. Thank you, Michael!


Group photo of kids and Chef

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