How WINGS Can Help You Leverage Your ESSER Funds

At WINGS, our mantra has always been that all kids have the right to live joyfully, powerfully, and responsibly. To achieve this goal kids need support and guidance on developing healthy behaviors, attitudes, and mindsets, and that starts with YOU. 

Grounded in positive youth development and best practice research on SEL implementation, WINGS has the resources to meet your needs and help you build these skills in youth. Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds can be a valuable source of support. Here are some resources to get you started:

Professional Development and Training

Schools can allocate a portion of the ESSER funds to provide comprehensive professional development and training opportunities for educators. These programs can:

  • Enhance understanding of SEL principles;
  • Equip educators with effective strategies to integrate SEL into their classroom; 
  • Cover topics such as: self-awareness, fostering empathy, managing emotions, and developing healthy relationships

WINGS offers a multitude of interactive and engaging professional development sessions to help build and hone adult SEL skills using research-based best practices. See a list of workshop topics here.

Implement Evidence-Based SEL Programs, Curriculum, and Activities

ESSER funds can be utilized to adopt evidence-based SEL programs that align with the specific needs of the school community and typically offer:

  • Structured curricula 
  • Assessment tools that support SEL instruction 
  • Digital tools and platforms that offer teachers and afterschool staff a library of resources to help them implement SEL into their classrooms or programs.

In the WINGS Digital Platform, you’ll find “grab-and-go” games, activities, lessons, courses, and videos that teachers can use and implement based on their own unique schedules. Sign up for a free account to sample the content, or upgrade to our premium version for full access to all resources available in the site. 

Community Partnerships

ESSER funds can be utilized to establish partnerships with community organizations and agencies that focus on social-emotional well-being. Collaborations with youth organizations or art and sports programs can enrich the SEL offerings within the school and provide:

  • Additional resources to foster student and parent engagement
  • Opportunities for students to apply their SEL skills in real-world contexts

Let ESSER help make it happen! ESSER funds are available through September 2024 and are dedicated to: addressing learning loss, supporting academic engagement, increasing student and parent engagement, and improving school climate.

Reach out to us with questions or to discuss how we can help you utilize ESSER or other funding resources.


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