Transformative Impact on BGC Central Wyoming

In October 2023, Community & Partner Project Specialist Mallory Dorsey made the journey from South Carolina to Casper, Wyoming to conduct an in-person professional development session with the staff at the Boys and Girls Club of Central Wyoming. The goals of this training were to equip the club’s staff with the tools and knowledge necessary to support, engage, and teach children the vital life skills they need to thrive.

Mallory, a seasoned expert in the field of social-emotional learning, played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of this training session. Mallory brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm to her work, as well as a passion for teaching and inspiring others to integrate a growth mindset into their own lives.

Focus Areas

The day’s training session was divided into four different areas of focus: 

  • Adult Practice of SEL
  • Teaching Techniques 
  • Behavior Management
  • The “SET” Approach

The “SET” Approach

The main focus of the training session explains Wings for Kids’ unique “SET” approach to SEL, which stands for Support, Engage, and Teach. This comprehensive method enables educators and mentors to develop a deep understanding of how to foster emotional intelligence in children effectively.

Support: This element emphasizes the importance of creating a safe and supportive environment for children. Support encompasses active listening, empathy, and understanding to help kids feel secure in expressing their emotions.

Engage: Engaging children in meaningful activities is an essential aspect of social-emotional learning. Mallory introduced various techniques for building strong connections and creating an atmosphere where children can flourish emotionally.

Teach: Teaching kids the fundamental social and emotional skills they need is the final piece of the “SET” puzzle. Participants were provided with practical tools and strategies for imparting these essential skills to the youth, including conflict resolution, self-management, and self-regulation.

The Impact on Boys and Girls Club

The impact of this training session on the Boys and Girls Club in Central Wyoming was transformative. The staff members left the training inspired, equipped, and confident in their ability to support the emotional well-being of the children they serve. The “SET” approach, as well as proactive behavior management techniques, offered a clear and practical framework for implementing character development into their daily interactions with young club members.

“It was a very impactful day for our crew! As much fun as you can have on a Saturday training!”  -Brian McCarthy, Area Director, Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming

Through initiatives like professional development training and partner projects, we strive to support and guide other organizations on their journey to bring essential life skills to the kids they serve—and prove that nurturing emotional intelligence is a powerful way to build a brighter future for our youth – and our world. Interested in professional development for your staff? Fill out a Workshop inquiry form. 

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